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3 Top Tips To Reduce Stress

For the vast majority of us life presents a series of stressful events, with hopefully gaps of recovery and calmness. However, the sad truth for many of us is day to day living causes continuous levels of pressure and tension, that never seem to go away. Examples of this include: increased hours and responsibility with your job. 

The health and economic challenges that COVID has brought, and life events most of us go through. These include getting married, moving house and dealing with lifechanging events such births and deaths.

In combination with the ‘daily grind’ through ever increasing demands from employers.  It is little wonder that accumulating stress levels can stem from conditions, such as relationship issues, problems with employment and financial challenges. These conditions can be further compounded with issues, including lack of self worth and an overall poor self image.


The good news is whether you are experiencing acute or chronic stress. There are healthy solutions to help you cope. It is also worth noting that in the case of chronic stress there are methods available to reduce the body’s reactions to stress, that are linked events and circumstances.

                                               1. EXPRESSING YOUR STRESS

By precisely defining and expressing your feelings and anxieties, you can immediately start to release your problems. Having regular communication with a close family member or close friend is a good idea. Alternatively, you would prefer to see a professional for counselling. In order to receive completely unbiased and non-judgemental opinions. It is also worth checking if employed, your benefits package.  This is because some plans cover a certain amount of counselling appointments per year.

If talking isn’t your thing, what about writing it down instead? Many people find writing a poem or a song to be a calming influence. Another method is to write down or type to express your feelings. Get all your ideas down and don’t worry about grammar. Its more important to get your thoughts out and visible.

One exercise is to write or type a letter to someone you have a grievance with. Then you simply vent as though they will read the letter. The key factor is actually never give them what you have written. You can write out everything you need to say and then shred or burn it afterwards. But depending on the scenario, you may want to deliver the letter or send your content.

Also keeping a journal on an everyday or weekly basis is very beneficial for many of us. By doing this it also gives you the opportunity to reflect upon other entries, and see how you dealt with similar challenges in the past. It can be an effective way to keep track of what problem solving ideas seem most effective. Expressing your emotions like this is a great way to relieve your burden of stress. With the additional benefit of feeling better as a result. There is compelling evidence that documenting your gratitude like, even for the smallest things, can be very beneficial for improving your personal outlook over time.

                                                 2. TAMING YOUR TENSION

By finding a positive way to release the tension from your system. It will help you let go of stress before it has a chance to impact your cells, tissues and muscles chronically. A highly recommended tip is to spend time with people who make feel great and make you laugh.

Conversely by spending less time with negative and irritating people is just a wise. When was the last time you read a joke book? Also watching comedy movies can be a temporary pick-me-up and can be useful to clear your head. Allowing yourself to be able to look at your stressful situation with a fresh pair of eyes.

                                                   3. FIND A NEW HOBBY

The final but vitally important type within this article is to find a new hobby. Engaging into a new hobby can be a great way to relieve stress. By taking some time for yourself to learn a new skill can be bring big benefits. The result can change a negative focus to a positive one. Additionally, another benefit is you get to meet a new diverse group of people. Spending time, and even volunteering for something you feel passionate about can bring stress relief. If you are an animal lover, then spending time with animals and getting back to nature are all great ways to alleviate stress in your life.

                                                           A NEW START

Although this is the conclusion of this article. You should view the three stress relieving tips above as ideas to help create a fresh start, a new and permanent you, but with much less stress in your life.

Remember nothing will happen without you taking action. Choose one tip today and commit to take consistent action. Action today will lead to a less stressful tomorrow.

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