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How To Make Money Cart Before The Horse?

What is your first thoughts when you think about money? Do you think having money means having freedom of choice in your life, or do you think money bring peace of mind to you and your family, or do you think money, means more pleasure in life. All of these thoughts about what are the outcomes in life having money, are reasonable comparisons when we dream about having enough income to achieve this. Is this the problem we have when we start, or try to build an online business?


 It is all too easy to become mesmerized by the promises of luxury cars, clothes and houses. These lifestyles are fed to us from sales copy better suited to science fiction than based in reality. Of course, it would be wrong to say there is a scarcity of all these things, there is abundance, but in the in the right order.

It is this overhype that is written in all types of media both offline and online that distorts reality and fantasy.

Aren’t you turned off when the words you read, have a hyped, gaudy, comic book style to them? Especially those “give me the money now” sites you may have seen online.

The way to make money and build a solid online business in the process is to put service first. Research the market first, then create the buzz that will surround your business and attract customers and therefore money.  Put as much passion and giving as much value into any money-making project or business you build.  Remember you must give, give, give, before you get, get, get.  This philosophy is true not just for money, but for many other aspects of life.


What if you’ve done everything in the above paragraph and still not got results? Self-talk can work negatively as well as positively. One such example, “We have tried everything we can to make money from our business, but nothing worked.” Belief is a strong influence in deciding the outcome of any undertaking in business and in life. Relax, be aware of your words. By speaking positively and believing that you can let it happen, as opposed to trying to force things. It is this flowing of believing and letting go, that will bring you abundance in your life. Whether that is money, or other personal or business goals you have set.

The title of this article asked you to think about the cart before the horse. I hope this is now clear why this is the case. Think of the cart as a solid foundation of belief and planning. As well as a filter that helps you focus on what is important to make money. With the horse being the by-product and results of your previous efforts.

Remember, don’t over plan and think instead of taken action. Remember that mistakes should be seen as a learning experience, instead of a barrier that stops you making money towards your goals and dreams.

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