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Why Feng Shui Symbols Can Aid Prosperity and Abundance?

It is understandable to be skeptical, when you first hear that Feng Shui symbols can be an aid to prosperity and abundance. Before deciding either one way or the other. I ask you to put your skepticism to one side, and continue to read to the end of this article before deciding your own viewpoint

Although there are many Feng Shui symbols. The choosing of these symbols need not be difficult. It may be a relief to you, you don’t need to fill up your home with crystals and essential oils. Or even other things that may not necessarily be in harmony with each other. The key to having effective Feng Shui is balance.  This is important, as you need to be able to have the qualities of balance to invite the good things and be able to experience the positive effects of Feng Shui in your life.

When choosing a Feng Shui symboI to either keep in your home or on your person. The important factor when choosing the right Feng Shui symbol, you must have some emotional relationship to the object you are using as a symbol. This is because some of the Feng Shui symbols are meant to provide cures for bad luck. There are other symbols that are meant to achieve greater balance, in what is already there in your home or office. The mood that you want to convey must be established right from the very start, before you shop around for Feng Shui symbols.  This is to ensure that you will find the appropriate symbol that will fit your needs. 


There are a wide variety of crystals available for Feng Shui, and by familiarizing yourself with each one of them and their functions. This will help you acquire what you need to be able to invite prosperity and abundance in your life. Importantly, when you are using crystals, make sure that you take good care. Make sure to wash it regularly, to avoid dust or clutter from overpowering it.

Essential Oils

There is a varied choice of relaxing essential oils, including the lavender oil. The use of Lavender oil can be very good for helping you attain peace of mind in your environment. Essential oils can also be very effective in generating a positive environment for your home or office. In order to make sure that you are using the correct quantity of oils, please read the recommended usage before. Do this to prevent overpowering your environment with too much oil. Also, for purposes of variety, have some stock of different oil types. The reason for this, is so that you will be able to experience different modes of environment, even by just changing the scent.


Fountains have the ability to a provide serene and calm environment, using the element of water. If you have access to a fountain. Make sure it’s in a place that is quite unobtrusive and physically appealing. Importantly, place it in such a way that it will complement metal elements such as wind chimes and coins and not overpower your fire elements, such as use of candles.

Bagua and Animals

You may be unfamiliar with the term Feng Shui Bagua.  This simply means a Feng shui energy map. This can be subdivided into the following areas. These are eight areas are centered around life, this can include health, wealth, love, fame, helping others, career, spiritual growth and creativity. The correct orientation for the Feng Shui Bagua is also important, if you are to use it in your home. The Feng Shui tools that you may need also must also complement each other. This is so you will not find yourself in the middle of a clashed set of Feng Shui symbols.

Animals are also considered part of the Feng Shui symbols. With some of the attributes of the animal being used is actually assimilated by the environment, according to some Feng Shui experts. These animals include Tiger, Horse, Frog and Dragon. Additionally, each of these animals are symbols of good luck.

The Color Factor

Lastly, Color is also an important aspect of Feng Shui. The visual appeal must not only be derived on what goes with where, additionally it must also be grounded on the correct colors you require. This all depends on the mood that you want to convey.  The five colors of Feng Shui associated with prosperity are red, green, black, purple and blue.

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